What is Executive Coaching?  

Coaching is "just in time" learning whereas training is "just in case” learning." Coaching addresses your learning needs at the moment, providing lazer focus on pivotal skill or information gaps. When combined with formal training, it is the most effective method for building correct practice into your habit patterns.

You're ready for Executive Coaching if:

  • You want to accelerate your achievement of important objectives.

  • You want to increase your impact as a leader.
  • You want to enhance your effectiveness as a communicator.
You should Consider Executive Coaching if:
  • You spend more time working in your business rather than on your business.
  • You want to learn more about assembling strong work groups and teams.
  • You want clarity to plot a new course or direction for your company or division.

  • You are stuck in crisis management instead of proactively creating ideas.
  • You want clarity to plot a new course for your company or division.
  • The same obstacles and roadblocks start repeating themselves over and over.

  • You have confidential matters to discuss with someone who's "been there."
  • Stress has replaced fun as your main experience of work.
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