1. Speaking Engagements

Keynote Presentations
Training Workshop Sessions
Breakout Sessions
Conducting & Moderating Panels

2. Executive Consulting & Coaching

Strategies for Growing Your Business
Expense & Cost Containment
Human Capital Evaluation
Conflict Resolution
Confidential Replacements
Bonus & Compensation Programs
Exit Interviews & Strategies
Team Building Workshops

3. Sales & Customer Support

Sales Turnaround Strategies
Customer Targeting & Account Penetration
Sales Training 101 & 201
Selling Scenarios and Presentation Scripts
Role Play & Skills Development Coaching
Overcoming Objections and Rebuttals

4. Human Capital

DISC Personality Assessment Tests
Staff Performance Benchmarking
Sourcing, Interviewing & Qualifying
Recruitment Staff Training
Employee Retention & Incentive Programs
Outplacement Services
Executive Search & Head-hunting Services




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