• My firm isn't located in Washington DC. Can you still handle my project?
    Certainly. StaffDynamics  offers on site consulting and training  anywhere throughout the country. Communication is handled via telephone, fax, email and overnight delivery with efficiency and ease.

    My particular project isn't listed on your services. Can you still handle the project for me?

    Probably. Our fee schedule is designed to give a broad range of services offered by StaffDynamics    As each client's project requires individual elements and services, we offer free consultations and quotes based on your particular project. StaffDynamics will not, however, accept a project unless we know we can provide the exceptional results our clients require and deserve.

    Is your work guaranteed?
    Absolutely. Our goal is to satisfy the needs of our clients and over deliver on your specs. Please ask us for a list of "delighted" clients.

    What if I have additional questions after my project is completed?
    StaffDynamics  is pleased to answer any questions you may have about the project at no additional charge. Questions pertaining to new projects will be billed at the appropriate rate.

    Do you have set working hours?
    Are you kidding? We are aware that everyone is busy multitasking where deadlines are tight. For that reason, StaffDynamics  works evenings or weekends so that you don't have to. We strive to provide you with new ideas while always delivering value...
    We build relationships that stay "stuck"...and  enjoy what we do and have fun doing it!

    How long will it take you to complete my project?
    The timeline will vary dependant on the size and complexity of the project, but we are frequently able to complete the project within mere days of receiving any required information. StaffDynamics  pricing quotes also include the anticipated turn around time for your approval prior to the start of the project.

    Do you only bill on a “per project” basis?
    No. Most of our clients have regular, ongoing needs. For this reason, we generally provide Retainer engagements which includes a specified number of work hours provided on a monthly basis. The hours may be used for any needs that may arise with the client. This is the most efficient method to maximize your consulting and coaching "horsepower"

  • What computer programs do you use?
    StaffDynamics uses MS Office XP Professional including Word 2002, Excel 2002, PowerPoint 2002. 

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